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Ingredients: Hydroxystearic Acid

Beauactive is a cosmetic ingredient for skin care products which aim to perfect the complexion. This ingredient effectively targets the problems of large pores and age spots to make skin look youthful and fresh.

In-vivo clinical studies show excellent efficacy at only 1% use level in reducing the appearance of these common skin-ageing concerns.

  • In vitro research revealed that Beauactive activates cellular regulation which triggers multi-target effects.

  • Upon UVB stress, Beauactive hinders the production of stress markers and cells which can increase skin pigmentation.

  • It also increases production of collagen I and III, which can help reduce pore size.

  • In vivo studies confirmed the outstanding ability of Beauactive to visibly reduce conspicuously enlarged facial pores and age spots, improving the overall appearance of skin.

This ingredient can also be used as an emollient that also has some surfactant type action, making it a great cleanser additive, especially in creamy cleanser applications and shaving products.

This ingredient is manufactured using sustainable, green technology from vegetable sources.

Add into the oil phase of your emulsion and heat to at least 85°C to allow it to thoroughly melt and mix in.

Solubility: Oil.

Form: White powder.

Melting Point: 80°C.

Material Origin: Natural.

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