Carnauba Wax

$76.00 AUD

Ingredients: Copernicia Cerifera Wax

Carnauba wax is exuded from the leaves of the Brazilian palm tree known as Copernica Cerifera. Also referred to as the "Tree of Life", local Brazilians use many of the trees' produce for various necessities.

Carnauba wax helps lengthen the staying power of many skin and hair products. Its emulsifying, thickening, softening, and emollient characteristics make it a common hypoallergenic additive to cosmetics such as face creams, deodorants, multiple categories of makeup, and sun-protectant products.

Carnauba wax is used in automobile waxes, shoe polishes, dental floss, food products (such as sweets), polishes for musical instruments, and floor and furniture waxes and polishes, especially when mixed with beeswax and turpentine.

Grown in the north eastern region of Brazil, the Carnauba tree proliferates along river banks, streams and damp lowlands.

Carnauba wax is yellow in colour and is often applied to cosmetics as an emulsion stabiliser or thickening agent.

Melting Point: 80-86%

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