Coconut Fractionated Oil (MCT)

$206.00 AUD

Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

Fractionated coconut oil is rich in hydrating properties that help to soothe and soften your skin, while also helping combat stretch marks. When you apply the oil after shaving, it can help to prevent itchiness and razor bumps, leaving you with smooth, glowing skin. Use as a massage oil for an easy blend.

Coconut Fractionated (MCT) Oil is a 60/40 grade oil that is a liquid at room temperature. It differs from Regular Coconut Oil in that it is produced by heat rather than cold pressing.

Many consider it to be very comparable to the characteristics of human skin. It is also used on oily skin as it will not clog pores. It can also be used as a treatment to condition dull or dry hair.

Plant Part: Fruit.

Extraction Method: Heat Processed.

Colour: Clear to Pale yellow.

Absorption: Fractionated Coconut produces a barrier on the skin, but will not clog pores.

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