Colloidal Silver

$206.00 AUD

Ingredients: Purified Water, Colloidal Silver

The use of silver as an antimicrobial agent dates back into ancient times, when people first learned that water stored in silver vessels kept better than water stored in other types of containers. Colloidal silver is a solution of microscopic metallic silver particles dispersed in water.

Silver ions are known to be anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which makes this an exciting ingredient for use in personal care products. Traditionally used to help wound healing, silver is now being incorporated as an anti-bacterial active into deodorants, sanitizers, wet wipes, intimate hygiene, dandruff shampoo, products for problem skin, foot creams and oral care products.

This ingredient can also form part of a products preservation system.

Colloidal silver is much better at tackling bacteria than yeast and mould.

Silver Concentration: 2000 – 3000 ppm (parts per million = mg/L). This equates to 0.2-0.3% as supplied.

Solubility: Water.

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