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Ingredients: Isododecane

Isododecane is a petroleum derived emollient of 12 carbons in length. It is a key ingredient in the cosmetics market. The substance is used for its emollient properties in a large number of skin care and hair treatment products. It is also a major ingredient in long-lasting makeup products, such as waterproof mascaras or long-lasting liquid lipsticks.

Formulating Benefits:

  • Volatile solvent - great for dry-touch or quick-dry formulations including formulations that work by forming a film (long wear lipsticks, sunscreens, mascara).

  • Light Feel.

  • Non-Greasy.

  • Excellent Solvency so great for oil cleansers, pigment wetting, active delivery etc.

Use Levels: 1-100%.

Heat Tolerance: Isododecane can be used in hot process formulations.

Solubility: Oil.

Formulating Ideas: Colour cosmetics including; mascara and lipstick, quick dry skincare, hair oils, cleansing oils, oil serums with light touch.

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