Jojoba Beads Body Exfoliant

$261.00 AUD

Ingredients: Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil [Fine For Body]

Large size, intended for body - Mesh size 20/40.

Jojoba Beads are tiny spherically shaped beads consisting of hydrogenated jojoba oil (wax). The round shape offers effective exfoliation with out the harshness of typical abrasives, no sharp edges.

Very mild with natural emollient properties make them ideal for sensitive skin.

Jojoba beads are also naturally more moisturising than regular exfoliators and help to maintain the skin's natural pH balance instead of stripping it from its natural oils.

Odour: Faint oily and waxy smell.

Colour: Glacier White.

Melting Point:  66-71C.

Usage: Can be added into formulations and bases as is in a concentration of 1-10%.

Applications: Specialty bar soap, lotions, creams, body washes, body scrubs, shower gels.

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