Malic Acid

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Ingredients: (dl)-Malic Acid

A plant-derived acid most commonly found in apples. 

Cleanses and rejuvenates the skin. Malic acid in skin care products is celebrated for its ability to brighten the skin and smooth its texture. That's why it's a common ingredient in anti-aging creams and skin peels.

Evidence has strongly proven that malic acid can help mitigate pain associated with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. It is more effective when taken along with magnesium. This acid also enhances tolerance to exercise, improve muscle endurance and stamina, thereby helps to ease chronic fatigue syndrome.

This is a stronger than Citric acid.

Appearance: White crystalline granules.

Odour: Characteristic.

Solubility: Soluble in water.

Activity: 100% (DL Malic Acid).

Anti Ageing: Mild AHA to help boost collagen production without stressing the skin.

Acne/Blemishes: Gentle exfoliating action for daily use. Pairs well with vitamin C to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and scarring often seen in acne prone skins.

Exfoliation: Light AHA action. Pair with AHA Fruit Acids, Lactic Acid or a Glycolic blend.

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