Myrrh Essential Oil

$990.00 AUD

Ingredients: Commiphora Myrrha Oil

Myrrh has been known for its calming properties, for this reason it is often used during meditation.

In ancient times, frankincense and myrrh were commonly used together to relieve post-partum pain and anxiety.

In aromatherapy, Myrrh Essential Oil is known to offer relief for colds, congestion, coughs, bronchitis, and phlegm. Inhaling its sedative scent is known to lift negative moods, promote the feeling of being grounded, and encourage the feeling of spiritual awakening.

Myrrh has natural anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that the Chinese used for eczema, athlete's foot and minor skin irritation. Ancient Egyptians also prized myrrh for its beauty benefits.

Plant part: Resin.

Extraction method: Steam distilled.

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