Olive Derived Natural Emulsifying Wax

$131.00 AUD
Ingredients: Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate

This emulsifier is a blend suitable for use as the only emulsifier in a cream or lotion. It is derived from a blend of vegetable oil fatty acids and wheat and oat proteins, and helps to emulsify and thicken a cream.

Features Include:

  • Self-emulsifying system for O/W cream and lotion.
  • Peg-free, self-emulsifying O/W system.
  • No need for co-emulsifiers or stabilizers.
  • Liquid Crystal generator, creams and gels.
  • Designed to be used within 2-10% with 2-5% used for gelling a water phase and 3-10% for creams.
  • Flexible with respect to oil polarity.
  • Promotes functional skin hydration.

This emulsifier is best formulated at pH of between 5-7.

Chemistry: Liquid Crystal/ Non-ionic.

The emulsifier is supplied in waxy blocks and melts at temperatures of between 62-67C, but it can be heated to higher temperatures if desired.

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