p-Anisic Acid

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Ingredients: p-Anisic Acid

p-Anisic Acid is a multifunctional cosmetic ingredient that can aid in odour masking and product preservation. It is suitable for both rinse-off and leave-on cosmetic products and is effective at a low level.

Anti-microbially tests have found it to have a broad spectrum activity with particular efficacy against mould.

With skin softening properties, p-Anisic Acid is a compound with antiseptic properties. Sourced naturally in anise, it's used as a preservative in cosmetics to help care for your skin.

Benefits: Antimicrobial, odour-masking, skin softening.

Applications: Naturally derived preservative system, fragrance, skin conditioning.

Origin: Plant (basil).

Solubility: Water soluble.

Use Level: 0.05–0.3% and at pH of between 4.5–5.5.

Formulating Tip: This ingredient works really well with the glyceryl caprylate to give broad-spectrum protection.

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