Plantaserv N

$234.00 AUD

Ingredients: Glyceryl Caprylate, Undecylenic Glycerides

This is an allowable input into an organic formulation. It is a versatile preservative that has a very mild odour and no colour.

This product is also great for products for problem skin as the glyceryl caprylate has some anti-bacterial properties.

Can be used in all formulations. This preservative also has a slight emollient action, improving the feel of your product.

Origin: Natural: Mixed vegetable oils. 

Heat tolerance: Good, up to 90C - can be added into the water phase of an emulsion before mixing or added at the end of manufacture.

Microbes targeted: Broad-Spectrum (Bacteria, Yeast and Mould).  

Ingredient Form: This ingredient can be supplied as a liquid or a solid depending on the outside temperature - it has a melting point of around 30C. 

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