Shea Oil Ester

$261.00 AUD

Ingredients: Shea Butter Ethyl Esters, Tocopherol

This is an oil-soluble emollient ester that mixes well with carrier oils, butters and waxes. The ester gives a light and velvety skin feel with good spreadability. This ester can be used to help with combability in hair care products and it can also be incorporated into skin and lip care formulations. 

This ingredient is made by reacting Shea Butter with Alcohol to produce an ester. Vitamin E is added to slow down oxidation and give the ingredient a longer shelf life.

Extraction Process of Shea: Solvent Extracted.

Use Level: Up to 100%, can be used neat on the skin.

Formulating Conditions: This can be added at any stage of manufacture as it is heat tolerant based on the normal cosmetic manufacturing conditions (typically up to 80C).

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