Sunflower Hydrowax

$261.00 AUD
Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Sunflower Seed Wax.

Sunflower wax is created by the hydrolysis of sunflower seed wax. It is suitable as a co-emulsifier or emulsion stabiliser.

Sunflower Hydrowax improves oil binding in sticks; and it contributes to hardness, texture, strength and mould release. It also provides emolliency, film formation and lubricity and is most commonly used in lipsticks and other anhydrous colour cosmetics, foundations, mascaras, skin and hair care.

Application Rate: 0.5-3% as a co-emulsifier in oil-in-water and water-in-oil systems for improving emulsion stability and texture, and boosting viscosity. 

Formula Ideas: Can be used as an opacifying agent in shampoo formulations, as a co-emulsifier in emulsions, as a fatty alcohol alternative in hair conditioners (it could be used to replace Cetearyl alcohol), as an emollient.

Solubility: Oil soluble, water miscible.

Origin: Natural, non GMO.

Heat Tolerance: Very good - can be added to your oil phase and heated.

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