$195.00 AUD

Ingredients: Vegetable Squalane

Vegelane (also known as vegetable squalane or phytosqualene) is derived from olive oil unsaponifiables. Vegelane is highly stable, and is equivalent to human sebum, making it perfectly compatible with the skin.

Being colourless and odourless, Vegelane is perfectly adapted to modern cosmetic formulations. Vegelane spreads easily. It is a excellent pigment dispersing agent and a valuable perfume fixative.

Vegelane as an emollient - it is the perfect vegetable alternative to mineral oil and hydrogenated polyisobutene. It's high affinity imparts a non greasy, silky feeling to the skin.

Vegelane helps to relieve skin roughness and dryness. Included in skin care, sun care and sun products, as well as hair care, make up, personal care & aromatherapy.

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